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Choose the auto of your dream

How to choose auto?

All auto customers can be divided in two groups. One of them buys new cars, the other – used cars. To advantages of new autos we can refer high reliability, warranty of producer. But there is some disadvantage– its high cost in comparison with used cars. Apart from this don’t forget that if you buy new auto today for 20 000$, within a year you won’t be able to sell it even for 18-19 000$. Losses will be higher. That’s why new auto will give the best fit to those, who is going to use not for comparatively long period of time and have minimum problems with car maintenance.

How much money to spend

It is accustomed to consider that a person can allow himself to have an auto, the price of which won’t exceed his annual income. It is also necessary to take into consideration the cost of maintenance of this or that car make. To begin with you should count fuel consumption. To fuel consumption you need to add the cost of service every 10-20 000 km and insurance price. That’s why before purchasing automobile you need to count how much will it cost to you.

Significant thing – size

After defining the sum of money you want to spend on your future car, you need to think what class of auto you prefer. While thinking about it you need to consider not only personal preferences, but in what conditions will the auto be used, how often will you need to transport some other people or freights and so on. If you drive only in city, you should give preference to micro-volume car. But if you have a lot of children and often go out of town you should look for minivans or hatchbacks. Off-road vehicles can be advised to those people who often go out of town, but still it is more preferably to choose so called “clean” offroaders, that combine comfort of passenger car with land-rover potential.

Show off is important

For Canadian customers a very significant thing is the make of their future auto and its prestige. Exactly because of this a lot of people don’t want their future auto to be of Korean make, even though today Hyundai and Kia are not so bad cars. But Japan and American cars have high rates. Besides, purchase of car, the make of which is highly valued among other motorists, will contribute to future resale.


While choosing car, you need to decide what size of engine to choose. The principle “the more – the better” doesn’t always work when speaking about auto. Car makes with big power unit cost much more expensive than their confreres with fewer engines.

Usually the best engine size is that which occupies middle position in the model range of exact make. And one more advice: don’t always believe to blarneys of salesperson. His duty is not to solve your problem, but sell cars. According to his words every auto has excellent comfort, staggering passability, and free of charge service. That’s why before buying auto you should test several autos of similar class to understand which of them is the best.


Don’t buy old used auto, that once was prestige –service and repairs of such auto will cost your a fortune. If you decide to buy new auto, it would be reasonable to use it at least for several years.

If you drive most of the time in city you don’t need sedan or land-rover. If you want to have a car for all occasions, you’d better buy minivan, station wagon or “clean” offroaders. Prestige sedan cars o “luxe” class is to be bought when the person’s status requires that.

choose auto HD

If social status plays a significant role for you, then you need to buy a new car of some more or less prestige, but common make. However, if you consider auto to me mainly a mean of transport, in this case you need to pay attention not only at auto brand, but its technical characteristics, reliability and price. 

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