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Buying used cars

What to chose – new or used car?

There are two variants to buy a car: to buy new car or to buy used car. Nowadays exactly buying used cars is more and more popular with car owners. There are some important reasons why people prefer a used car to a new one.

The first reason and one of the main reasons to buy used car is the low cost. Sometimes a used car is only two-three years older than a brand new one, while the price difference can be twofold, and even manifold.

How to make money with used cars?

The second reason is the desire of dealers to make profit by reselling used cars. Such business is sometimes more profitable than dealer sales of new cars, and it requires much less expenses and investments. There is no need to open a big sales center, hire dozens of managers, consultants and other specialists. You can quite cope with it on your own. Your task is to buy used car at a cheaper price than its average market price in your city. Usually, the dealers, who are engaged in such kind of activity, drive used cars from the nearest big cities, or from the countries which manufacture cars of the given make. In fact, in large cities, and moreover in the country where the car is made, it costs considerably cheaper, rather than in other places.

What to remember when buying used car?

Put the main emphasis on inspecting used car’s body. This very element is most exposed in all cars to the influences of external factors and suffers most during traffic accidents and collisions.

You must examine only a properly washed used car as it is practically impossible to detect minor defects on dirty body. Sit down opposite to the right headlight at half-meter distance so that your eyes are at the door level, and the sight angle is 0 degrees. Exactly in such position you can spot the most insignificant dents and scratches of used car, and also flattened and repaired parts of used car’s body. Do the same at the left side and at the roof level.

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When buying a used car it is not a big deal for some people that the car has been in an accident, especially when because of this very reason the price is pleasantly nice. But it is necessary to know that the beaten and repaired used car has a disturbed body geometry that leads to car’s unbalance, when driving such a car it “takes to the side”, and the windshield cracks and breaks every month without any obvious reasons for that.

To draw some conclusion, we can say that buying used car, or rather the quality of such purchase depends on the quality of car inspection before the purchase. In order for a bought used car to serve you as long as possible with minimal expenses, you must be lavish and call a professional expert in this sphere for a preliminary examination of your future used car. 

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