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Buying used car guide

Its always a better to have some standards to follow which helps in successful buying of a used car. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

A Paint Meter will do a lot
One device called paint meter proves to be very helpful at the time of scrutinizing the quality of a used car. Everyone wants to get a magnificent outer look of his car and the body paint of the car plays an important role in giving such a look to it.

However, a difference between the original paint and repainting is always deceptive in case of a used car. The paint meter can be of great use to determine the the originality of the paint. It also helps in determining the replaced parts.

Sometimes a part of the car is replaced or the car is painted such it appears to be a new one. So, you have such a great tool to find the actual condition of the car very easily.

The very basic idea behind carrying a paint meter is to escape any deceitful seller who claims the car to be free from any negative history. All the cars ae not repainted entirely but mostly the bumper is repainted as the it is normally the most scratched part of the car. However, if the car has undergone factory repainted process, there is usually no problem.

Warranty Time
Ascertaining the warranty time is also very critical. You must find the actual status of the warranty time without fail. You can check out the for the manufacturing date of the car on the driver side door. Most of the time a confusion arises in terms of the years of warranty.

You buy a car of 2000 make in 2002 and the warranty time is mentioned to be 3 years which starts from the its manufacturing date in 1999. Therefore, the warranty time is already over in such a case. So you need to determine the correct warranty time by having a look on drive side door.

Another thing about the warranty time is to make sure whether this warranty time transfers to you or not. The best way is to contact the dealer regarding the warranty time. A VIN check can also be requested to the dealer to find out the actual status of warranty time of that used car.

Check the Oil Cap
you can not afford to ignore checking the oil cap while buying a used car. You must open it to determine the fact that whether the oil has been regularly changed or not. if you find a thick black layer on the back of the cap, it indicates the no change of oil by the perevious owner.
In such a case do not go for that car. If you find a caramel color syrup soap on the cap, it indicates the leak of anti-freeze into the engine.

Start the car cold
A cold start of the car means to start the car after giving it a rest of minimum12 hours. When the engine has been at rest for continuous 12 to 24 hours, staring it exposes a lot of problems with car very explicitly like the sound which might not be normal. Typically you will not be able to hear such a sound when car is armed up. In this case also you are not supposed to buy the car.

A blue smoke at the start of the car indicates that car is burning the oil. A white smoke indicates the anti freeze in the engine. Both the signs are not good.

Check Engine Compression
You can check the compression of the engine of the car by noticing its RPM by starting it at neutral. If you find the RPM going up and down at revived and unrevived state respectively, the compression is good. Any trouble in getting the RPM up and down suggests a losing compression of the engine. Therefore, do opt for that used car.

Car’s Straight Body
Make sure that the body of the ar is absolutely straight. You can determine the straight condition of the used car by standing behind the car and checking whether the rear wheels ar e lined up squarely with the front wheels. Any displacement in the centre is a sign about car’s accidental history.

This reveals that that the car’s frame is bent. Therefore, in case of an used car you be alert on the aspect of flawless straight body of the car.

Damage by flood and water
Many cars become victims to the flood and water in a year. Therefore you must check for the damages made to a used car by these sources.
What you can do to find out the facts:—
inspect the crank and crevices for dried mud.
Inside the used car, damp or stale smell can be noticed.
A newly replaced carpet or upholstery indicates some damage to the car by flood
Look at the parking space of used car
Give a good eye to the part of land where the used car is parked as you might find some important clues to the damaged condition of the car. If you find some liquid leaked on the land, or damp soil, it is going to be expensive affair. These signs indicate some costly repair of mechanical trouble.

Buying used car guide HD

Inspect Odometer
the tampering with the odometer is very common. Both unusual high and low mileage make the used car subject to suspicions. 12000 to 15000 milles/year is a standard reference to which the validity of the odometer can be checked.

Let your mechanic inspect the car before buying
This is obviously the task of a mechanic to check for the repairing needs and damages of a used car. Therefore, you car mechanic must accompany you at the time of buying as he will be only one who can give a fair idea about the car you are buying. If the dealer turns down your request for getting the used car checked by your mechanic, It puts a question mark on his reliability.

Of course you save quite a handsome amount of money on the purchase of a used car. These used cars are loaded with all the latest features same as that of a less costly new car. Nevertheless, buying used car always needs a watchful and cautious approach. These tips are certainly going to make buying of a used car successful. 

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