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Toyota Prius Prime Changes Redesign Release

This upcoming sedan will have futuristic shapes and modern technologies. It’s a car for streets and country roads, where the quality of surface is well enough. Its comfortable cabin also makes 2019 Toyota Prius Prime one of the most interesting sedan’s representatives. There are many reasons, why this model will be highly competitive.

One of them is its exterior. Although the appearance is in main stream, it looks some kind of special. Such effect was achieved thanks for extraordinary proportions and angles: front and back parts are too small compared with a majority of modern sedans that make the cabin visually bigger that it really is. So, this model absolutely doesn’t look like a sports car, but it seems as some extraordinary futuristic automobile.

An interesting feature of car’s interior is colors’ combination. Well, there is a minimalism of palette: only black and silver except elements on dashboard and some other little details. But location of silver shade is so stylish that cabin looks not less futuristic as appearance outside. The car has all necessary options, which is easy to use because of comfortable screen.

There is hybrid system of engines that could produce a capacity of 121 horsepower. The volume of its unit that works on fuel is 0.48 gallons. Such solution will not let take some high speeds or power on the racing track, but this is a car for qualitative city or village roads, so it’s not disadvantage.

It’s possible to see the arrival of new model in December of 2018, but it’s also possible that it will come later. A basic price will be approximately 24,000 American dollars for basic variant and about 32,000 dollars for the top packaging arrangement. The coming of new Prius Prime will be the event, at least, for company’s and model’s connoisseurs.

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