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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Diesel Price US Market

This is formidable and heavy SUV that can impress even those people, who prefer sedans. The appearance of 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is typical for big SUVs. There is comfortable and spacious cabin that will be appreciated by travelers. Technical characteristics let use this vehicle in off-road trips.

Car’s exterior looks classical: strongly marked front side with chic front grill, sedate wheel discs, formidable proportions… Although it’s “screaming” about automobile’s level and opportunities, there is no really luxurious details on the appearance. Furthermore, generally the car looks minimalistic. It’s a good solution for SUV, because luxury will never be as appropriate for such vehicle, as formidable minimalism.

There is enough much space inside. A steering wheel is located on the right side, but people, who would buy such vehicle, will be surely ok with that. At least, such detail couldn’t be considered as disadvantage. A dashboard is laconic enough, though it is including the all necessary options. The main color of interior is beige, but there are also many black elements. A view through windshield is large enough for comfortable driving.

The engine of this vehicle will produce a 318 horsepower that is big enough. Its volume will be 1.21 gallons. It will be in a powertrain with 6 automatic transmission. Thanks for this motor the car could be used in some more or less hard off-road.

A basic packaging arrangement will cost near 84,000 American dollars. It’s hard to say right now, when exactly this car will arrive, but it surely will be in 2019 model year. The new Land Cruiser 200 will become one of the most popular SUVs among new generation of them, because its elegance and power.

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