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Toyota Auris Review New Engine and Design

This hatchback will not impress anyone by its exterior. But its technical characteristics and comfort inside could make a good popularity for 2019 Toyota Auris. It’s an interesting variant for families that prefer to have only one practical vehicle, if such car is not considered as automobile for off-road.

There is nothing amazing in its exterior that is really obvious. As particular detail, as appearance in general seems typical for hatchback: long front side, short back one, more or less high cabin and large windshield. Well, it’s important to mark, that wheel discs there are made with feeling of style. But other elements look good, but without some extraordinary solutions.

Of cause, the interior is spacious. Black color is everything. All seats are made comfortable as steering wheel. What is special in this exterior? At least, its appearance that is not typical for hatchbacks. The design looks chic enough, though it’s minimalistic. The dashboard is comfortable because middle-sized modern screen. It’s really comfortable to watch the road as through the windshield, as through others because of their size.

The car will show a good performance because of its engines. There are three of them. A first one will have a volume of 0.32 gallons. The other two engines will be hybrid variants: with 0.48 gallons and 0.53 gallons. Unfortunately, it’s still impossible to say, which capacity produces gasoline one that is not hybrid, the last two variants will show 120 and 177 horsepower

A basic variant will cost about 18,000 American dollars and the top version will have a price near 30,000 dollars. The new Auris from Toyota will come in 2019 model year, but it’s hard to say more clear. This event will not be much expected in automobile’s world, though the potential customers could find this model interesting.

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