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Top Speed Toyota Supra On Road Test Drive

This is a sporty vehicle with modern and even futuristic appearance. 2019 Toyota Supra will become interesting model for people, who prefer high speeds and power on the racing track. Well, it could be used in everyday life too, but it’s no sense to buy it just for ordinary using on city’s or country roads.

One of the most beautiful advantages of this model is its exterior. Bright, aerodynamic, special – all of these words are suitable. Back spoiler shows car’s spirit that is really sporty and aggressive. Front side as always strongly marked and smooth. Back part of the car is little enough, though it’s not less strongly marked. The proportions are typical for sports cars, but they more elegant, than ones of many other class’ representatives.

There are not some unnecessary things inside. After all it’s a car for fast driving, and it doesn’t need to claim to be some center for entertainment as should some luxurious big sedans that is usually used for parties. There is enough style in interior’s design. But it’s impossible to call it luxurious that is not disadvantage for sporty vehicle. Exactly such cabin is appropriate for representative of this class.

There are two engines for this car. One of them has 0.79 gallons of volume and another one, turbocharged, has only 0.53 gallons. The capacity of first one will be approximately 335 horsepower. Characteristics of second engine are still not clear, but if it will be equipped too, of course, sooner or later it will be possible to know its features.

Unfortunately price is still not clear too. Although the release date is still not known, it’s really possible to see new model in 2018 year already. Of course, it will not cost cheap as any other sporty vehicle. Well, this car will be interesting, at least, for class’ connoisseurs.

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