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Tesla Model 3 Specs and First Pictures

Tesla Model 3 Specs and First Pictures

The are many sedans in the world that have some really uncomfortable problem: there is not enough space for passenger’s head. 2019 Tesla Model 3 is a car without such trouble, though it’s a typical sedan. It has many other advantages that make it competitive among upcoming representatives of the category. Also, the hatchback variant will come.

The exterior doesn’t look extraordinary for sedan, but it’s elegant and bright, especially in metallic color. Wheel discs have not some special pattern. Front side looks like some sports models, but back one is not. Smooth aerodynamic shapes – that is specific feature of Model 3. There are almost not some strongly marked angles. Even the front grill doesn’t seem formidable a little bit. So the car makes an impression of soft elegant vehicle.

Although Model 3 is mobile enough, it has large size. Of course, it’s especially important for cabin. There is much space for passengers and driver that many other sedans could not offer. The design inside Model 3 is not bright, but it looks stylish. Everything here is made in accordance with minimalism and Hi-Tech, since seats till dashboard. The last one looks especially interesting: there is not casual dashboard, but there is a monitor in the center.

The engine will produce since 60 mph in approximately 6 seconds till 60 mph in 4 seconds. Model 3 will have three packaging arrangements: with 40-kWh, 60-kWh and 70-kWh battery in accordance with price. The last one will be made with most powerful dual-drive engine.

The hatchback will have the highest price – 55,000 American dollars. A price of sedan much less – 35,000 dollars. Furthermore, it could become even 27,500 dollars. It’s hard to say now, when exactly this automobile will come. However, it would be appropriate vehicle for many connoisseurs.

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