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Review Tesla Model X Interior and Design

Review Tesla Model X Interior and Design

Although this car is a SUV, it really looks like to some kind of sports one. Such effect is achieved because of special exterior. So, 2019 Tesla Model X will surely be interesting for people, who like three things: environmentally friendly vehicles, spacious practical SUVs and cars with sports appearance.

An exterior – that is one of the most impressive features of this car. Elegant shapes of body, especially some kind of round cabin, create sports appearance. Also, slim front lights and grill looks sporty. Wheel discs are near to typical SUV’s classic, except many straight and minimalistic elements. The door’s handles here are made elegant, because the back handle is located near to front one, so they look like one subtle line.

The interior is not bright. Simple shapes of every detail will be comfortable for people, who like modest vehicles for everyday life. Well, that is exactly a destination of Model X – to be a vehicle for every day. The car has seven seats that’s enough even for a big family. Nevertheless, the cabin is spacious as trunk. Such circumstance is made Model X really appropriate one for trips to the nature.

The engine here is enough powerful for such big and effective vehicle. The all-wheel drive is supported by dual-motor. The front one produces 259 horsepower and the back one – 503 horsepower. Well, an acceleration – that is actually impressive: Model X can run to 59,65 mph in 3.2 seconds.

It’s hard to say now, when car will come. Maybe, it will happen in the end of this year. The price of Tesla Model X could be approximately 123,000 American dollars for basic packaging arrangement. The highest variant with all possible improvements will cost near 198,000 dollars.

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