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Offroad Diesel Porsche Macan 2019

Offroad Diesel Porsche Macan 2019

This compact crossover will be especially appropriate for people, who prefer little, but universal vehicle. 2019 Porsche Macan could not surprise the majority of category’s connoisseurs, because almost everything in this model is ordinary, since appearance till technical characteristics. But its general abilities could be exactly suitable for people, who live in big cities and like sometimes go to the nature.

The exterior is nice, though modest. All car’s appearance makes the model similar to some little mini hatchbacks. But it’s just a first impression from a long distance. General proportions are typical for middle crossover. But its shapes are definitely not aggressive or some kind of solid. Therefore it doesn’t look enough much similar to its class. In the other aspects it’s more or less classical crossover.

The interior will have many different options. Qualitative materials are not very luxurious, but this vehicle doesn’t claim to be such kind of car. If the driver will go in the long journey, it will not make him or her tired during many hours because of seat’s architecture. The location of different elements on dashboard is really comfortable too.

There are two versions. First variant will have engine with 252 horsepower and motor of another one will produce 440 horsepower. It’s absolutely enough for crossover. The car with such characteristics could impress as on the road, as beyond it. Furthermore, such capacity is really surprising because of modest exterior and it makes upcoming model really competitive among similar ones.

It’s hard to say right now about price and release date, but it’s possible to guess. The car could come already in this year, at least in the end of it. New Macan of Porsche could cost more than previous version. The price of last one is about 50,000 American dollars. It depends on packaging arrangement.

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