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New BMW M9 Sedan Redesign Convertible

New BMW M9 Sedan Redesign Convertible
  •    BMW
  •    June 4, 2018
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This is sports coupe with two elegant doors. Well, 2019 BMW M9 is not just a sports vehicle, it’s a piece of art. Why? Because of its refined appearance and proportions. Everything in this car is “screaming” about luxury. Simple sports cars don’t show such chic and catchy shapes of exterior and interior.

The model seems really extraordinary outside. Combination of long front part and formidable back one looks impressive. Thanks for that, new BMW M9 seems great in every view. Absolutely white shade of body mixed with black wheel discs. With all luxury of exterior there is not any detail here that would be unnecessary for general appearance. So, everything here is harmonious, since subtle front and back lights till spacious windshield.

The interior is not as Hi-Tech as it was expected for many people. Many of modern sports cars offer really futuristic cabin. Well, of course, upcoming BMW M9 is also show many last technologies, especially on its dashboard. But upholstery and general style of interior is more similar with some luxurious vehicles, than with sports ones. Some people could even recall some old muscle cars while looking at the automobile’s cabin.

There is a combination between electric engine and turbocharged unit. The volume of last one will be 0.79 gallons or 0.95 gallons. They will produce together near 600 horsepower. People, who are more or less familiar with automobiles, immediately imagine the all tremendous power that BMW M9 will offer to its owner.

The price for basic packaging arrangement will be near to 300,000 American dollars that is not too big for such powerful and luxurious sports vehicle. The automobile will come in the end of this year. It will be the event that change a level of sports cars. Thanks for this model, the number of category’s connoisseurs will increase.

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