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New 2020 Interior Tesla Model S HD Desktop

New 2020 Interior Tesla Model S HD Desktop

It’s a premium electric car. This is a mix of highest technologies, sports spirit and stylish appearance. Well, it also has another characteristic – high price. But the last circumstance is natural consequence of its advantages. 2019 Tesla Model S – wonderful automobile for those people, who care about environment, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, want to drive a luxurious vehicle.

The exterior says immediately that it’s a premium sedan: magnificent shapes of body, elegant, a little bit curved wheel discs, impressive front and back lights that are made near to sports style… All of this adds elegance to appearance of Model S. Front grill has more or less marked angles, nevertheless, it looks smooth in general. Car’s exterior doesn’t give way to many luxurious popular sedans with gasoline engines.

There is dashboard inside the car that is already typical for Tesla: the central place is taken by big screen, which looks like the tablet. This monitor let driver to control everything. Isn’t it comfortable and modern? Well, maybe, some people, who used to drive more classical vehicles, would feel some discomfort while using this model, but it will go away, sooner or later.

This Tesla will come with three packaging arrangements. The first one will get the speed of 62,14 mph in 5,9 seconds, while the second one will need only 5,4  seconds for same result. Both of them have a capacity of 380 horsepower. The last one will be equipped by the dual motor, so its power will be equal to 691 horsepower. This one will take 62,14 mph only in 3,2 seconds.

This vehicle will cost approximately in the range between 70,000 and 110,000 American dollars. It’s not to big price for such luxurious and productive automobile. The automobile could come to the market in Jan of 2019.

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