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New 2019 Nissan Sentra Model Pictures

New 2019 Nissan Sentra Model Pictures

This is an ordinary sedan that will not impress the connoisseurs of luxury and speed. Nevertheless, 2019 Nissan Sentra is a car that could be useful as universal vehicle for everyday life. Why? There are many reasons: fuel economy, not big price, comfort inside… This automobile doesn’t claim to be the top vehicle among competitors, it just offer a good quality with good price.

The exterior is more or less classical. Back side is not too short, or too long. Front part isn’t strongly marked, though the typical proportions of sedan are obvious at first site, from afar. The most interesting element in appearance is the wheel discs. They are made really subtle. Any other part of the car looks really ordinary as the exterior generally. It’s not a disadvantage, just a consequence of purpose that the vehicle is chasing – to be a comfortable and cheap automobile in different situations.

The interior doesn’t look modest but it also doesn’t seem bright or a little bit elegant. It’s simple and practical that is appropriate for such car. Of course, quality of upholstery is not very high, though touching is pleasant enough. A dashboard is not as comfortable as one in some top representatives, but it includes all necessary options.

The car will have a motor with middle technical characteristics. Its volume will be 0.66 gallons. A capacity of this unit is 188 horsepower. Is it a big number? For some formidable SUV it would be not enough much, but for such simple middle-sized sedan it will be really appropriate and strong engine. Of course, it will not let the car take a big speed, but this model is absolutely not designed for it generally.

A basic variant will cost near 19,000 American dollars, but improved version with some other equipment will cost a little bit more. A release date is still not known, though it’s possible to guess that upcoming Nissan Sentra will come in 2019 year. Well, it’s also possible that this model will arrive only in 2020 year.

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