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New 2019 Acura RLX Release Data in USA

New 2019 Acura RLX Release Data in USA

This is luxurious sedan with many abilities that can produce impressive performance and provides comfort. Well, 2019 Acura RLX has some little disadvantages, but they are really small enough. It’s not the best variant for people, who prefer simple cars without any chic, though someone, who like luxury, will surely appreciate the new model.

The exterior is really classical. It doesn’t mean that the car has not something special in its appearance. Actually, it’s typical only in first site. But the front grill has elegant shape with five angles, front side is not just smooth, but looks like to ones of sports vehicles and wheel discs are refined enough and harmonious with front grill – all of this is not typical for any sedan.

There is perfect interior. The cabin looks great thanks for black and silver colors’ combination. A screen here is not big, though it has enough size to be comfortable for using. Well, the navigation system is not as good as it could be, at least interface is not maximal useful. Another disadvantage of car’s control is adaptive cruise control that could be hard for using in big traffic because of its too high sensitivity.

The model will have hybrid engine. The gasoline one will produce 310 horsepower and has volume of 0.92 gallons. Its type is V-6. This engine will work with electric motor, and together they will produce 377 horsepower. Thanks for clever control system this car is more easily controlled than many other competitors.

The basic packaging arrangement will have only front-wheel drive and its price is approximately 55,000 American dollars. Hybrid version will cost near 62,000 dollars. It’s possible to guess that new model will arrive in November of 2018 year. It will be a big event for connoisseurs of sedans, especially, luxurious ones.

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