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Model News Suzuki Jimny New Changes

Model News Suzuki Jimny New Changes

This car will be absolutely not appropriate for people, who prefer the vehicles with modern or even futuristic exterior. But it’s not a disadvantage, it’s a natural consequence of its feature. 2019 Suzuki Jimny is classical small SUV that could remind many people 80-s and 90-s, when there were so many similar vehicles on the roads.

The exterior is typical for old representatives of this formidable category. But it’s impossible to call it old, because such appearance will never become old. Strong, squad shapes with strongly marked angles – that is a feature of new Jimny’s exterior. Also, the proportions are really right and simple compared with such ones of many SUVs with modern and futuristic appearance. Everything, since wheel discs till windshield, is not even a little bit luxurious. In a word, the minimalism is a style of this vehicle.

Although classical appearance the new model will have more or less modern dashboard that is right solution. After all, the safety depends on this. It will have touch screen and some other modern features. Generally, there are not many different Hi-Tech details on the interior except dashboard and everything that is bound with controllability.

There are two engines that will be available for this Jimny. One of them is gasoline variant with volume of 0.32 gallons and a capacity with 90 horsepower. The other one is turbocharged engine with 110 horsepower and 0.26 gallons of volume. Both of these engines are enough for such little SUV, but they could not compete with many other modern variants.

The model will arrive in the end of this year. There are different packaging arrangements that will be available. The price of basic one will be a little bit less, than 20,000 American dollars, but more expensive versions will be more appropriate for off-road and long journeys because of additional features and quality of some details.

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