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Jeep Compass Specs and Changes

Jeep Compass Specs and Changes
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  •    May 31, 2018
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It will be redesigned model, developers improves some things and save advantages of precious version. 2019 Jeep Compass is little SUV, nevertheless it can impress by dynamics and power. Actually, it’s hard to imagine something more appropriate for single man, than this one, if he or she try to find some universal vehicle.

The exterior looks more or less formidable, though a size of new Compass is small. Such effect is achieved because of impressive wheel discs and front part. The last one has not really big grill, but the all appearance and size compared with other automobile makes it strongly marked. Generally, upcoming Compass looks elegant, especially in evening, when sun is almost set, and the lights are turned on.

The interior doesn’t give way to car’s exterior. A quality of upholstery and other materials is high. It’s comfortable to sit as in a driver’s place, as in passenger’s ones. A Compass’ steering wheel is easy to use and pleasant for hands. Driver will not get tired soon, that is common trouble among some small SUV’s.

The powertrain will be fuel-efficient. There is more or less powerful engine that give 180 horsepower of capacity and torque of 170 lb-ft. This is a modern unit with 0.63 gallons of volume and newest technologies. It makes upcoming car really competitive. The model will not disappoint as on the road, as beyond. But it’s necessary to remember that it has some limit about off-road.

The model will come in the end of summer or beginning of autumn. New Compass will cost approximately 24,000 American dollars. It’s a worthy price for such little, comfortable and universal vehicle. The car will surely not take the top place on the market, but many connoisseurs would glad to buy new version of their favorite.

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