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Images Volkswagen Touran Release Data in USA

Images Volkswagen Touran Release Data in USA

This minivan would be interesting for those travelers that never go to some wild places without good road. Of course, it’s not a crossover and it absolutely could not compete with such cars on the off-road surfaces, but it will be really comfortable on the long qualitative road far away from cities and towns. There are a few reasons for it: fuel economy, comfortable residence in the cabin and enough space inside. 2019 Volkswagen Touran – one of the best choices among upcoming minivans.

The exterior is not bright that will be ok for many people. Does traveler need catchy and luxurious vehicle? Definitely not. There are simple classical proportions. Car’s shapes will not impress people, who are used to strongly marked appearance of different modern cars. There is nothing futuristic in this vehicle, but it’s very practical.

The interior – that is exactly important for such automobiles. And new model could be proud of its one. Spacious, stylish and comfortable – three words that absolutely describe it. Although, there are not many unnecessary options, minivan has everything that can be useful in the long trip. Light and dark grey are dominating shades of upholstery and dashboard. It doesn’t give much visual space, but this vehicle is enough spacious without it.

The car will have versions with many different engines. There are three gasoline units: with 0.32 gallons and 110 horsepower, 0.37 gallons and 150 hp, 0.48 gallons and 180 hp. Also, it will be three diesel motors: with 0.42 gallons and 110 hp, 0.53 gallons and 150 hp, 0.53 gallons and 190 hp.

The car could come in September of 2018 year. A price for this vehicle will start approximately since 26,000 American dollars. It’s worthy money for such comfortable and considered automobile. Of course, such cars will never be really popular among other categories, but the connoisseurs will always appreciate them.

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