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Exterior New Ford Kuga Features

Exterior New Ford Kuga Features
  •    Ford
  •    May 31, 2018
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It’s a good SUV that will be appropriate as for the job, as for some rest. 2019 Ford Kuga is suitable for people with a little family that don’t want to purchase too big crossover, but sedan would not be enough for their aims and lifestyle. The model will not disappoint the connoisseurs of Ford’s vehicles and SUVs in general.

The exterior is more or less typical for such class: front grille is wide and high, the all shapes, especially in the front side, are smooth and a little bit aggressive, proportions create a formidable appearance… There are nothing special that could mark new Ford Kuga among competitors, but everything is made at a high level of quality and feeling of style.

The interior here doesn’t look bright or modest both. In a word, it’s minimalistic. Black color is almost everywhere and that’s right solution, because developers created a High-Tech modern cabin with necessary options and with anything, that driver or passenger doesn’t actually need. Blue colors of electronics’ interface combines excellent with black dashboard and stylish steering wheel.

The motors produce enough power for such vehicle. There are three variants – one diesel and two gasoline units. Diesel variant produce since 140 till 163 horsepower and has volume of 0,53 gallons. First gasoline motor has a capacity of 199 horsepower and 0.66 gallons of volume. Other gasoline engine produces 284 horsepower and has volume of 0.92 gallons.

Basic version will cost near 29,000 American dollars. A price of the best one will be approximately 39,000 dollars. It’s hard to say now, when exactly this vehicle will come, but it will not be later than the end of this year. It will not be the top automobile in its class, but it will surely be a worthy representative that is enough for connoisseurs.

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