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Citroen Spacetourer 2020 Review Exterior and Price

Citroen Spacetourer 2020 Review Exterior and Price

This is a minivan for those people, who prefer to travel with comfort. Actually, 2019 Citroen Spacetourer is a vehicle that let get pleasure even from journeys for thousands miles. Well, it’s not the best solution for the off-road, but it could be really comfortable car on the modern qualitative road.

The exterior is typical for this class: big height, a little bit low bottom and spacious main part. Does the automobile look formidable? No, but it doesn’t have to. After all, it’s not some SUV that usually pretend to look solid and impressive. The strong side of Spacetourer’s appearance is its futuristic design. Such effect is achieved because of its smooth shapes and proportions. The front grill has interesting shape that adds something special to exterior.

There is enough space inside, much more, than many SUVs could offer. Therefore minivans always will be popular among tourists that prefer to travel with a little group. Maybe SUV would be comfortable for only one man, but a few people often prefer vans. The interior looks modern, but there are not some really chic or luxurious elements. Everything seems enough modest that is appropriate for tourist’s car.

New model will have turbodiesel motor. This unit will produce 150 horsepower, and its volume will be 0.53 gallons. It’s absolutely enough for minivan. Such cars usually don’t need a big capacity and 150 hp will be enough for all situations. This is correct solution for a vehicle that is considered as a van for long roads.

The car will come in 2019 model year. Unfortunately, the price is still not clear, but it’s possible to guess that this vehicle will cost near 27,000 American dollars for basic packaging arrangement and about 50,000 dollars for the top one. As all such cars, new Spacetourer of Citroen will not be as popular as some catchier car’s categories, but it could become the best in its class.

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