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2020 Volvo XC40 Crossover Review

It will be not just practical SUV, but subtle too. It’s absolutely not formidable one. 2020 Volvo XC40 is appropriate for people, who really care about vehicle exterior. There are a lot of details that strongly mark an elegance of the appearance. Well, the interior and performance are also impressive. It’s not the best choice for off-road, though it will be absolutely appropriate as universal vehicle for the majority of potential customers.

Front side of the car is really long, much longer than it’s usually made for such automobiles. Combination of such circumstance and low height makes this vehicle similar to hatchback, a little bit. Is it a disadvantage? Well, it will be for people, who prefer formidable strong SUV that could handle everything. But for other ones it will be an advantage that creates elegant appearance. Other elements of exterior are classical.

There many variants of interior. People with different feeling of style about colors will surely find that they want to find. Dark shades will create solid appearance, bright ones could make the cabin futuristic, and light ones as white could create some more visual space. A dashboard includes advanced screen with convenient interface.

There is only one engine. The volume of it is 0.53 gallons. It produces 248 horsepower. It’s absolutely enough for such SUV. Of course, it is not as effective as ones of some other class’ representatives. Well, actually, such refined SUV that doesn’t claim to handle every off-road, is harmonious with this engine.

There are three packaging arrangements. First one will cost near 35,000 American dollars, second one will cost about 38,000 dollars and the price of the third one will be approximately 40,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the release date is still not clear, though it’s possible to guess that new Volvo XC40 will arrive in 2019 model year.

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