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2019 Renault Duster SUV Offroad

2019 Renault Duster SUV Offroad

There are many people in the world, who know about Renault Duster. Well, it’s important to mark that many of them are even not interested in cars at all. It shows how really popular these two words. Upcoming 2019 Renault Duster is not some kind of really new solution, it’s just a little bit advanced, but good old model.

The appearance as always simple, modest, but really chic for money that this car costs. Right proportions without something extraordinary, aesthetically acceptable wheel discs and more or less smooth shapes. Although its low price compared with majority of competitors it looks even better, than really more expensive automobiles.  Of course, this car couldn’t be called luxurious, but it will surely not seem some kind of poor even a little bit.

There is simple, but aesthetically acceptable interior. It’s comfortable to be inside, even after a couple of hours. Well, of course, seats here are not as suitable for long time driving as seats of some other competitors, but, nevertheless, they enough comfortable for using new Renault Duster as car for everyday. A dashboard is minimalistic that is expected. There are not such additional options that would not be necessary.

The first engine will have a volume of 0.42 gallons and a capacity of 114 horsepower. The other one produce 143 horsepower, its volume is 0.53 gallons. The diesel engine with 0.40 gallons produces 109 horsepower. Actually, all of these engines could provide enough impressive performance that will not be worse, than one of more expensive vehicles.

Unfortunately, there is still not enough information about packaging arrangements and price. It’s possible to guess that the new model will cost near 25,000 American dollars for basic version. The car will come in the next half of 2018 year. It will surely become an event for people, who like cheap and more or less qualitative SUVs.

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