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2019 New Genesis G80 Sedan Model Updates

This is a luxuries sedan with impressive exterior and interior. 2019 Genesis G80 is especially appropriate for people, who prefer elegant shapes of the vehicle. The performance is also impressive. Car could increase speed really fast. Its maximal speed makes it competitive compared with some sport cars, of course, not the top ones.

The exterior here is classical and futuristic both. Such interesting effect is achieved thanks for combination of elements that are used to traditional sedans and some solutions that are more typical for sports car. Wheel discs are probably most refined detail in the appearance. Front part looks sporty and aggressive, too aggressive for classical sedan. Windshield is big enough for comfortable driving. General proportions are typical for such class.

The interior here is not bright, but it is made with feeling of style. Middle shade of grey is appropriate for the almost same color of car’s body. There are not much features, though it’s everything that is necessary for such sedan. The upholstery is more qualitative, than one of many other category’s representatives.

There are two variants of engine. One of them has 1.00 gallons of volume. Its capacity is 311 horsepower. Another engine produces near 400 horsepower. Its volume is 1.32 gallons. It’s more than enough for sedan. The last engine could make it really more effective on the racing track, than some sporty vehicles. Of course, it’s important to remember, that strong engine is not a guarantee of success in such competition because sports car are more appropriate for it generally.

It’s really hard to say something about price, but it’s possible to guess that the lowest one will be approximately 70,000 American dollars. Its arrival will be in 2019 model year. This vehicle will not become the most popular one in its category, though it will surely be interesting for many connoisseurs of the class.

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