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2019 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe Turbo Sport

2019 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe Turbo Sport

This is a SUV that is really looks like a hatchback. There are many reasons to buy it for long journeys and something like that. 2019 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe will be comfortable to travelers with different aims, since just trips from city to city, till some trips to the nature. Well, this car is not appropriate enough for really hard off-road.

There are not some extraordinary details in the exterior. General appearance is modern, sometimes, even futuristic. Smooth shapes, especially ones of the front side, create such effect. A front grill is not formidable, furthermore, it looks refined. But it is not disadvantage, because this automobile doesn’t claim to seem formidable at all. It’s a car for people, who prefer elegant and subtle SUV.

Although interior doesn’t look subtle, it seems stylish. The upholstery is qualitative. It’s comfortable to seat as a driver because of considered seat’s shape and pleasant steering wheel. Passengers will also feel themselves good because their seats are not worse. The main color inside this vehicle is black. But some different parts have different shades of it: something shines and something doesn’t.

It could be two, even three engines that will be available. One of them is gasoline variant with 0.63 gallons of volume and capacity of 185 horsepower. Another motor will be diesel with a capacity of 200 horsepower. Also, it’s possible to see a 0.92 gallons version that will produce 249 horsepower that is really high enough.

It’s hard to say, when exactly this model will arrive. It will surely be in the 2019 model year. A difference between basic and top packaging arrangements will not be very big: a basic variant will cost near 33,000 American dollars, while advanced variant will cost near 40,000 dollars. It’s not a big price for such automobile, though it’s not a small too.

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